by Point Reyes

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released August 6, 2012

Nini Julia Bang – voice
Kyle Farrell – vibraphone, percussion
Asa Horvitz – voice, guitar
Jack Randall – percussion, voice
Bryan West – cello, voice

Produced by Neil Strauch and Asa Horvitz
Recorded by Kenny Evans at Mesa Recording, Sebastopol, CA
Mixed by Neil Strauch and Point Reyes
Mastered by Roger Siebel at SAE Mastering, Phoenix, AZ

All music by Asa Horvitz and Kyle Farrell. All words by Asa Horvitz. Except for "Natten Fryser" and "Stemmer", words and music by Nini Julia Bang. All © Songs About Buildings 2012.

Cover art by Marisa Olson. Insert art by Patti Trimble. Band photo by Ron Smith. Design by Jack Randall and Asa Horvitz.

Golden is dedicated to Dominic Ziegler.

Point Reyes thanks:

Bill Horvitz and Robin Eschner, Patti Trimble and Douglas Kenning, Colleen and Kurt Farrell, Dennis John Sisk, Laura Belle McVay, Art and Kirsten West, John Tarrant, Liz, Jack and Mary Ann and Patrick for unspeakable grace, Neil Strauch, Marisa Olson, No Face and Philly friends, Adam Tinkle and the desert, Trevor Wilson and his singers, Ben Seretan, Z. Cole in the DMV line, Nat and Dirty Projectors, Steve Liggett at Living Arts in Tulsa, Jessi Peren in Hot Springs, John Flax, Aine, Paolo, and Nathan the mechanic in Santa Fe, Grandma Shirley, Diogo at Cakes and Tapes, Nathan, and Matthew at Big School.



all rights reserved


Big School Records Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Golden
Yes you loved the salmonoids
Yes you swam underwater just to count them

Oh how short
Oh how inaccurate
Somehow you knew
Slow down

Dried persimmons
Dried the sun

This is what those who know they will die young do
Claim an autumn from the world
While everything around them bursts into spring
Track Name: Unlake
Did your desire turn
From density towards entropy
In the end twisted naked
Standing by the lake

Are you trying to sublimate?
Or make someone feel a certain way?
Are you twisting away from me?
Are you twisting towards me?

I am standing in a perfect garden
Yellow terraced waterfalls and green glass roofs surround me
A wooden man will not pass through the fire
Or he will surely burn
He will surely burn
He will surely burn
He will surely burn

I should not have believed in you
Oh I should have believed in you
I see now it is everything
Only way to have anything

In the end did you find
Something more restful
Something more yours?
Track Name: Kaddish
I can't tell what time it is, whether this is before I meet you or after. Life is a spiral and each significant thing is an image, we pass in front of it many times and look in many ways but the Thing itself does not change each Thing is ahead of all parting

Is this before we meet or after?

The night you died you appeared in my dream and told me,
Just sing the song in minor key for a while
Then sing it in major
Then sing it in minor
And then in major

A week later in St Louis in my dream
I left my body
And flew up through layers of purple clouds
Hovering lights watched over me
Swam in circles far below
Grey and rose colored and gold
I was looking for you
But I kept coming to a place where funny people did earthy things
Had raunchy sex, cooked food, danced
And they told me with their knowing gazes
That whatever I might wish
I had to stay here
For my whole duration

Your endless tousled hair
Your endless striped shirt
We must not waste time
We must not waste time

You said I want to know the secret science of forgetting
that I am separate from anything everything
This life it is short and you cannot do nothing
This life it is short and you cannot do nothing
This life it is short and you cannot do nothing
And in this way
And in making fun of me
And in dressing the same as me
and saying excuse me please
I have a woman or a violin who needs my attention
And thus showing empathy for my own confounding need to be alone
You saved my life.
The day after you passed
We went to get tomatoes, cheese, pesto, and bread with avocado

And as I was looking for the right cheese I saw her across the way touching the oranges one by one and I have never seen someone look so alone and left, the halo of absence lighting everything around her, and I was filled with such pure empathy and love but she seemed already beyond here, bathed in the light of some place where no one can follow.

Your endless tousled hair
Your endless striped shirt
We must not waste time
We must not waste time
Track Name: Redesert
At this the end of our first strange world
I went to the lake between the silken hills
I was looking for you
I was looking for you
I found you
Underneath everything
Underneath the lake
Spread thick and rusty red
A layer of geologic time
You already had your shirt off
So I took off mine
And threw myself into the lake
Again and again and again

Surely we notice
Surely we see
That even saying you are dead is too small for me

I will not cease from loving you
I will not cease from loving you
Even believing some crazy thought

Surely we notice
Surely we see
That whatever we believe it’s too small for me
There are three llamas on the hillside
Two in shade one all in light
There is a lake singing
There is a real lake singing in the dusk
Track Name: Hideous
At Salt Point I slept beside my Dad
Silent and wearing a blue jacket
In the morning I looked out over tide pools and evergreens
Past otters and kelp
To the warm star we orbit not so far away

I saw there is light
There is light
There is light

But in my dreams all I saw that week were knives
On countertops sharp
On countertops sharp and clean
Waiting to cut the hand
Ready to cut and stab

I wondered
Why oh knives why oh knives
Why oh knives why oh knives
Then I saw
The cut they made in you
And I knew
Why oh why oh knives

And my Dad sat in his red Honda Civic weeping uncontrollably
Refusing to gather mushrooms
And the word “hideous” was used three times that week
Each time inaccurately
Track Name: Hair White
Your arms turned so brown
Your hair turned so white
Your arms turned so brown
Your hair turned so white

Always without lies
Always without lies
Always without lies
Always without lies